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We at Wray Roofing, Inc., have been specializing in the re-roofing of Grain and Cement elevators for over 20 years. We have developed not only quality roofing systems for these applications, but also a very concise safety program while we are installing the new roof. We are approved applicators for Henry and Tamko roofing products.

One of our main applications is using either Henry's or Tamko's emulsified coatings with a polyester membrane embedded into the emulsion and a final layer of emulsified coating to provide a new monolithic roof system. We then apply a heavy duty aluminum roof coating to the new roof surface for added roof and UV protection.

We use a variety of metal edges, counter-flashings and lead-flashings for proper termination and various flashing details


Our Sheet Metal division is an extremely efficient team that works in an up-to-date facility. Our production area is approximately 3,800 square feet, and we have a storage area of 7,660 square feet.

In addition to all of the standard hand tools and hand brakes, we have a RAS Turbobend 5000 computerized metal brake for precise bends and accurate angles. We also have a Schechtl SMT 3100 electric Sheer that makes 35 cuts per minute and is extremely accurate.

At Wray Roofing, Inc., we pride ourselves on our fabrication and installation. We install the major manufacturers of Standing Seam Roofing systems including:

We have fabricated and installed all types of metal fascias, roof edges, gutters, scuppers, wall panels, soffit, and assorted trim for all residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Our crews are dedicated employees that have many years of on the job training.