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Wray Roofing, Inc. Guarantee

Wray Roofing, Inc. aims to provide the best designed and most effective roofing system for each customer, while maintaining a highly economical balance. We take pride in each project we do and will not stop until the job has been met with complete customer satisfaction. At Wray Roofing, Inc., we do not just apply the latest fad in roofing systems; we design roofs that have proven to be the most effective throughout the years. In order to be successful, we must get the project done right the first time around. Our ultimate obligation is to our customers and as a sixth generation family owned business we never forget that. Wray Roofing, Inc. plans to continue working meticulously for our customers and putting on the best roofs we can.

About Us

At the young ages of 12 & 10, Kevin and his younger brother Rick began helping their Grandfather, Father and Uncles with Wray Roofing, Inc. They had no idea that forty years later they would own one of the most successful roofing companies in Kansas. Today, Wray Roofing, Inc. proudly staffs over 130 employees throughout the state of Kansas. Wray Roofing, Inc. has over 340 years of roofing experience counting our estimating/management staff only.

Wray Roofing, Inc. specializes in the following roof systems: Built Up, Modified, Cold Applied, EPDM, TPO, and Tapered. We cover an array of roofs, such as; commercial, grain elevator, sheet metal, and flat residential roofs. As a six generation family owned business, we take pride in our work and being able to serve our community. We work with each customer to determine which roof system will be the most successful for their individual needs.

Along with our extensive knowledge regarding roof application, we also provide an excellent leak repair crew should any problems arise. Our repair crew is extremely thorough and aims to get leaks under control the first time around. Wray Roofing's leak repair crew works year-round to help diagnose and solve problems with roof systems. We are very pleased with the success they have seen throughout the state and beyond. We will continue to provide the community with our best repair crews and foresee this branch sustaining its success.

Wray Roofing, Inc. was founded on the belief that a roof is only as good as the roofer applying it. We hold that true to this day and look forward to helping the community with their roofing needs.